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3 Aug 2013

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Northern Balletís A Midsummer Nightís Dream sees the romantic antics of a touring dance company played out on one magical night as the company travels by sleeper train from London to Edinburgh.

Itís the final rehearsal and emotions run high as artistic temperaments clash with romantic entanglements. The time comes to leave for Edinburgh but the tensions continue on board the train and as the Company settle down for the night, the train enters a tunnel and the dream begins.

Join Puck, Bottom, Titania, Oberon and the company for a magical evening of dance, breathtaking sets and beautiful costumes, with music by Mendelssohn and Brahms played live by Northern Ballet Sinfonia. This Olivier Award nominated ballet will take you on a spectacular journey from the stylish elegance of the 1940s to a Technicolor dreamworld where Puckís magical mayhem weaves a tangled web of love.

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Prices start from £10.50. Book early and we guarantee you will pay the lowest price for your tickets! We reserve the right to change prices. Become a Friend of the Theatre Royal and your prices will never change.

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