Award Winning Street Food Vendor Papa Ganoush Open New Restaurant in Whitely Bay

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02 March 2018

Contributing to the regeneration of the Coast, top-rated street food vendor Papa Ganoush has chosen Whitley Bay to establish their flag-ship restaurant. Having started trading in November 2011, evolving the business from a simple, fresh Middle-Eastern street food vendor selling at local markets into a successful enterprise with food lines & stall in Fenwicks, Newcastle Quayside and Jesmond as well as catering for private functions and now taking it a step further with an exciting new restaurant that opens its doors on Friday 2nd March.

With a huge fan base, father & son team, Tim and Tom Monkhouse, have worked tirelessly for over six years to build the brand and reputation of Papa Ganoush. A truly family ran business, Tim and Tom have been supported through the expert advice and guidance of wife/ Mum Terri and daughter/sister Sarah. And with all great creations, the team experienced many challenges and hurdles along the way. Educating the festival organisers to see the value in less traditional food tested us as Tim explains:

“It took hard work to get into some shows because many were reliant on burger vans amongst others and were reluctant to try something new. Then we were invited to Boiler Shop Steamer and that was a catalyst for much of the street food evolution in Newcastle. But winning the Informal Dining of 2016 Award through Living North brought the most enquiries and opportunities for us.”

But their success is not just in the cuisine they have chosen to provide, but in the quality of the produce and the method by which they deliver their food from cooker to plate.

Tim explains: “We make our own dough, rolling and cooking into flatbreads on the stall and we cook the chicken and falafel freshly in front of our customers as we know people eat with their eyes!”

Provenance of the food is a key consideration, and the team ensure they use local suppliers wherever possible as quality is of the utmost importance as Tom Monkhouse remarks:

“Building a business such as ours takes time and dedication. You have to be consistent and understand the history behind what you do. Customers know their stuff and aren’t fooled by poor food, whether you have a fancy truck or not. “

The company currently employs 6 people, all working to service the growing number of bookings and events they attend. The Papa Ganoush team set up a commercial kitchen unit 18 months ago, and this has facilitated them to fulfil growing demands for their food. The street food side of the business will continue to grow alongside their exciting new restaurant venture!

Tim and Tom were always interested in ‘Food on the Go’ and although opening the restaurant will give them more of a permanent home, they want to emulate the food and vibe they have successfully captured from their street food stalls.

“The new restaurant has been designed to have an informal, friendly & family vibe, not a starchy 3 -course dining experience. I guess an extension to our street food feel.  We believe Papa Ganoush embodies unpretentious, vibrant food and genuine great customer service.”

The menu will be familiar to regular customers, with some additions to extend the festival experience and customers to the new restaurant will be able to enjoy sharing plates and a drink for a reasonable price.

There is a tangible buzz about Papa Ganoush opening their first restaurant with hundreds of positive comments across Social Media of support and general excitement.

The new Papa Ganoush restaurant opens on Friday 2nd March. It is located at 240 Park View, Whitley Bay and opens Tuesday to Saturday 5.00pm to 10.30pm. To book, please visit k , email or call 07895158796.

The plan is to establish this new restaurant, expand the food line that is currently supplied to Fenwicks and continue to build on the festivals, private and corporate events. Tim is also writing a book called ‘Blood, Sweat and Pitch Fees’ to share the trials and tribulations the father-son team have encountered in building and establishing this exciting business.


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