REVIEW: Peter Pan @ Sunderland Empire

Posted on January 4th 2019 by Whats on Northeast

Written by Emily Dudding

This year’s festive panto at Sunderland Empire is definitely one every family in the North East should see! Alongside the great story, all the kids loved their singalongs and there was plenty of hilarious puns and jokes for the parents.

The show is based on the original Peter Pan story we all know, but it doesn’t fail to entertain with some extra few twists, such as the amazon delivery driver and the one thing we know all kids love – flossing. Of course there was your classic case of ‘Oh no he isn’t, Oh yes he is’, but would a kids pantomime really be a kids pantomime if we didn’t hear that saying at least 3 times the entire night? All the kids in the audience joined in, they loved it, from talking back to the actors/actresses to learning and singing the songs, which can I say were quite unique (who knew George Ezra’s smash hit, Paradise, could make it to number 1 in Neverland too!). If this isn’t your cup of tea parents, then Richard McCourts comedy central jokes about the town, Sunderland’s stereotypes or the football tension between Newcastle and Sunderland teams will defiantly leave you with no choice but to laugh and enjoy the night.

Alongside Richard McCourt, also known as “Dick” from ‘Dick and Dom’ who plays sidekick Smee, is the Hollyoaks star and I’m A Celeb runner up, Jamie Lomas, playing the big, bad, leave you boo-ing Captain Hook. Our favorite Welsh, Melanie Waters plays the loving darling and of course, flying around Sunderland Empire, losing his shadow and never growing up, Peter Pan was played by Josh Andrews.

From a ticking croc, flying children, mischievous mermaids, the lost boys, an evil hook, CGI special effects and of course, Tink, this is the perfect swashbuckling show for families of all ages, and I can now say, I do believe in fairy’s, I do.

After all anything is possible with a bit of pixie dust, so book your tickets at Peter Pan will be performing at the outstanding Sunderland Empire until the 6th January so BELIEVE and book your tickets now, before it’s too late!

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