PREVIEW: Private Lives @ Queen’s Hall Arts Centre, Hexham

Posted on September 18th 2017 by Whats on Northeast

When Noël Coward’s comedy of manners ‘Private Lives’ first toured and then eventually premiered at the Phoenix Theatre in London in 1931 (starring none other than legendary actor Laurence Olivier), its second act love scene was seen as being “too risqué” for the stage.

However, that minor scandal somewhat overshadowed the fact that as a look into the battle of the sexes, it was a razor-sharp piece of drama. That wit and intelligence shows in the fact that it’s become one of Coward’s most beloved and enduring plays, even producing one of his best-known songs, ‘Some Day I’ll Find You.’ Now, over eighty years down the line, London Classic Theatre are taking Coward’s iconic play back on tour, heading to Queen’s Hall in Hexham on 26th and 27th September.

Taking place in 1930 in one hotel in the South of France, the story follows two newly married couples occupying adjoining rooms. In one, Sibyl looks adoringly at her new husband, the charming Elyot, while next door Victor looks similarly admiringly at his spouse Amanda, who’s vivacious and sophisticated. As the champagne flows and they begin to make plans for the night, Amanda overhears a familiar singing voice, and an old spark is reignited, with far-reaching consequences.

Over the years, the sharp nature of ‘Private Lives’ has attracted a huge range of acting talent on to the stage, including Richard Burton, Alan Rickman and Matthew Macfadyen as Elyot, while the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Maggie Smith and Kim Cattrall have all play Amanda. After they toured with Henry Naylor’s award-winning play ‘The Collector’ last year, which also included a show at Queen’s Hall, London Classic Theatre are set to bring some equal sparkle and magic to the classic, transporting the audience to Deauville.

Prepare to delve into the lives of others as two couples collide, sparks fly and the quick-wittedness comes thick and fast!

For more information, including on tickets, visit the Queen’s Hall Arts Centre website.

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