REVIEW: Manny's Pizza Deli, Newcastle

Posted on March 15th 2017 by Whats on Northeast

Words: Laura Brown for Proper Scrumptious

I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like pizza. And I sure wouldn’t trust them if I did. Is there even such thing as a bad pizza? I don’t think I’ve ever came across one, myself. Especially from Manny’s. These guys know pizza.

For my last day at my current job, we went hell for leather on the menu and got three twenty inchers. We decided upon the following:

  • The Bronx
  • The Staten Island
  • The Meatpacking

As you can see, we’re intolerable carnivores. Not a vegetable in sight. It’s a tough decision though, as you can see from the menu, just here.

The pizzas were huge. Colossal. I managed a slice of each but that was bordering on food coma. Seriously, slices bigger than my head. Pizza utopia. The taste was fantastic too. I’m not one for a deep pan, so the crisp, thin base was right up my street. A good balance between cheese and tomato sauce, just enough of each that the flavours combine perfectly. The toppings, you can tell, are high quality – all full of flavour and the perfect addition.

Normally, I like my pizza overflowing with meaty goodness, so at first the amount of toppings seemed sparse. But, as it turned out, it was just right. With such a strong cheese and sweet tomato marinara, you don’t always need toppings amongst your mouthful.

It is expensive, about £18 per pie, for twenty inches. Averaging about £9 for a 12 inch. But, for a girl’s night, pizza party or get together, it’s exactly what you need.

They do some cracking extras too, including chilli oils, dough balls and even a cracking selection of American and Italian lagers. What better way to complement your scran?

Manny’s Pizza Deli is on Ridley Place and deliver if you’re ordering their 20 inch monsters. And, you can even order on their website. Simple, easy and proper scrumptious.

Laura Brown is a guest blogger who runs her own dedicated food and drink blog. You can see more of her reviews of restaurants, takeaways and more from the region and beyond on her website, Proper Scrumptious.

Find out more about Manny’s Pizza Deli here.

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