REVIEW: Psycho Path @ Lintz Hall Farm

Posted on September 23rd 2022 by Whats on Northeast

Last night Psycho Path opened its doors for an exclusive preview of what’s to come this year and it’s nothing short of spooky.

Your night begins as soon as you walk through the door, with actors waiting to scare you in the queues and you can already hear the shrieks from people inside, giving you a taste of what’s to come. In the main building you can expect to see queues for the ever popular IScream and Psycho City, along with some amazing acts to entertain you when you need a little break from the horror. Also littered with food vendors, this space is ideal for grabbing a bite to eat between mazes.

Onto the mazes and IScream did not disappoint! Twisting corridors and smoke filled rooms, this maze is not for the faint of heart. Creepy circus music plays as you wind your way through obstacles in the dark and clowns jump out at you from all corners. If you like all things trickery, this maze will be a fantastic experience!

Next was Psycho City, blaring sirens as you enter a contamination zone, psycho’s litter the walkways and the scenery made you feel as though you were really there. Burnt out cars, shipping containers and eerie sound effects made for anticipation as you turn every corner.

Cornered, last year’s new attraction, was as frightful as ever. Every way you turn, surrounded by long corn plants with just enough light to see, actors jump out wearing the most devilish make-up and costumes. Even their appearance is enough to make you scream, their haunting words are enough to make you walk a little quicker or perhaps even run!

Cutthroat Island, the swashbuckling new attraction for this year actually involves boarding their new pirate ship! You’ll find sand, tunnels and even a pirate bar within this attraction, but keep your eyes peeled for blood-thirsty pirates lurking behind barrels and even behind you.

Overall, Psycho Path was a good scare, each maze brings something different to the table and provides a whole different experience in each one. Each actor placed throughout the venue and within the mazes were equally as terrifying as the mazes themselves!

Even if you aren’t of a nervous disposition and don’t get frightened so easily, the whole Psycho Path experience was also a place of laughter and smiling. You could hear a mixture of shrieks, cries and howling laughter coming from all corners of the venue which made for a fantastic atmosphere.

Tickets are still available for Psycho Path 2022 and you can book here:


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